Matthew GG Holm is intrigued by the tension of opposites that is inherent in the universal aspects of daily living. There is a natural tension between the sacred and profane; conservative and liberal; gay and straight; rich and poor, and male and female. These themes may not be directly portrayed in his images, but act more as the fuel behind his creative process.

Whether he is working abstractly or figuratively, Matthew works in the moment, taking in the essence of what is in front of him, and he captures the energy and spirit of his subject. While working,his goal is to stay in the moment and remain present, which allows him to bypass his thoughts, judgments,and perfectionism. This discipline facilitates creation to happen more spontaneously.

Matthew says, “My gift as an artist is to pull an image into being from the now and the not yet. It is best when you can just get yourself out of the way.”

The majority of his works are improvisational and spontaneous rather than orchestrated or meticulously planned. The art that he creates produces a sense of urgency, immediacy and authenticity. He is not interested in rendering or exactly replicating what is in front of him. His style is painterly and passionate, loose and full of spirit and feeling.

The tension of opposites is a theme that has followed Matthew since childhood. Born in Denver, Colorado in 1968, he eventually moved to Fargo, North Dakota where he was raised. He spent each summer in Los Angeles where he experienced the sharp contrast between his conservative North Dakota upbringing and the crazy, fascinating, lurid and even painful time spent in LA. His dynamic upbringing has expanded his understanding and his vision as an artist, which in turn, has enriched his work.

Matthew studied studio art with an emphasis in print making and drawing at Concordia College Moorhead. He considers himself very blessed by the many artists and mentors that have shaped him along the way.

He lives and maintains his studio in Saint Paul, MN with his family.